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Congratulations to a special Bayside senior

Friday 26 November 2021


Brighton East woman Brenda Todd is an 80-year-old with loads of energy and a passion for giving back.

As a hard-working volunteer Brenda has been honoured for her service with a 2021 Victorian Senior of the Year Award.

Brenda was nominated by the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre where she has been a volunteer for eight years.

When she first was told of the resource centre the retired psychologist and psychotherapist decided it would be a great fit for her.

“I had been retired for a while and had started to think I should use my training and skills. Someone, my daughter I think, told me about the centre and I applied to volunteer there,” Brenda said.

“I love volunteering there. I meet wonderful, courageous people and I feel like I am helping. I love learning about different cultures through my clients at Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.”

As well as that work, Brenda helps improve the lives of others through her community activities and volunteer roles with Grandmothers for Refugees, the Brighton Bayside Life Activities Club and Brighton Theatre Company.

“The Brighton Activities Club is a great place for seniors, people who have lost their partner or people who just want to connect with others,’ Brenda said.

“It has so much to offer.”

Brenda, who has lived in Bayside for 43 years, said her energy for volunteering comes from how it makes her feel.

“All of this work makes me feel good. To in even a small way help others – even giving $20 to a homeless person on the street – is uplifting because you can see the appreciation,” Brenda said.

“In helping others, I get back as much as I give.”

The mum of three and grandmother of six was “very surprised” by her award but delighted.

“It is lovely to be recognised,” she said.