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Could this be the last bathing box built in Brighton?

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We are building a new iconic bathing box for Dendy Street Beach.

Over the past few years Council has added nine new bathing boxes to the colourful line-up and in 2019 we introduce the very last bathing box under the current Dendy Street Beach Masterplan

How are they designed?

Each bathing box is built to a standard design to ensure it fits in with the historic designs of bathing boxes already here.

The new bathing box design features a unique chevron patterned yellow and white design and comprises of a timber frame, weatherboards and a steel roof.

How long will it take to build?

It takes approximately one month to build a bathing box. We will start construction in October 2019. 

While it is under construction, pedestrian and cyclist detours will be in place to ensure the safety of footpath users.

How can I purchase this bathing box?

To get your hands on this bathing box you need to be a Bayside rate payer and ready to come down on auction day, anticipated to be in early December.

The sale of the bathing box will contribute towards beach upgrades and improvements for Dendy Street Beach.