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Council considers boundary change

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Council will undertake negotiations with Kingston City Council and the State Government to make a small shift of the municipal boundary in the City’s east to enable possible future development over the Frankston rail line at Cheltenham.

The move forms part of the Cheltenham Structure Plan by the City of Kingston which proposes development over the railway as part of the State Government’s Level Crossing Removal Program.

Bayside Mayor, Cr Laurence Evans said that Council would consider supporting the change in municipal boundary, which would see a small parcel of Bayside moved to the City of Kingston, in exchange for enhanced protections for Cheltenham Park.

“For much of Bayside’s eastern boundary, the midpoint of the Frankston Rail Line forms the municipal border between the Cities of Bayside and Kingston,” Cr Evans said.

“With plans now in place to replace the existing level crossings at Park Road and Charman Road in Cheltenham with a below road option, Kingston City Council have earmarked the airspace above the train line as a possible future development site.

“Given that single developments are not possible over municipal borders, Bayside has agreed to work with Kingston to explore changing the border to enable this type of opportunity to occur.”

“The City of Kingston have been very clear that future residents of the Cheltenham Activity Centre will be heavily reliant on Bayside’s Cheltenham Park for access to open space,” Cr Evans said.

“Bayside’s agreement to enter negotiations with the City of Kingston to move the municipal border is predicated on ensuring that future development in the area has minimal visual and amenity impacts on Cheltenham Park.

“Council will also use the opportunity to ensure that a percentage of funds collected from new developments for the purpose of open space provision by the City of Kingston are transferred to Bayside for maintenance and improvement works on Cheltenham Park.”

“Alongside negotiations with the City of Kingston, Bayside will also be advocating to the Level Crossing Removal Authority to ensure that appropriate community consultation is undertaken about any future over-rail development. 

“Bayside will also join Kingston in advocating to the Minister for Planning to ensure that the final location of the heritage station buildings is documented into the Kingston Planning Scheme to ensure the retention of the heritage buildings on site.”

View the City of Kingston's website to find out more on the Cheltenham Structure Plan.