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Council election period

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Bayside City Council has entered the election period in the lead-up to local Council elections on Saturday 24 October.

As set out under the Local Government Act 2020, Council resources must not be used for electoral matter (other than explaining the election process).

In order to comply with the Local Government Act and our Election Period Policy, all publications issued by Council during this time including on this website will be certified to ensure they do not constitute electoral matter. This includes all material and comments on our social media pages.

Any social media comments referring to the election (other than about the process) will be removed. This includes references to:

  • the election
  • a candidate in the election (with the exception of Council minutes and agendas)
  • an issue submitted to, or otherwise before, the voters in connection with the election
  • publicises the strengths or weaknesses of a candidate
  • advocates the policies of the Council or of a candidate
  • responds to claims made by a candidate
  • or publicises the achievements of the elected Council.

View our Election Period Policy here.

Find out more about the Bayside City Council elections.

View more information on the Victorian Electoral Commission website including ward lookup and voting process.