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Customers first

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Throughout June we’ll be conducting phone interviews and online surveys to learn more about your customer service experience with us and inform how we can better our service in the future.

We’ll be phoning up to 500 customers and sending out 2000 online surveys to residents who contacted us for assistance via phone or contact-us form during May 2021.

The survey is being conducted by independent market research agency, Customer Service Benchmarking Australian (CSBA) on behalf of Council.

All CSBA staff will start the phone call by identifying themselves as employees of CSBA and that they are phoning on behalf of Bayside City Council to conduct a short survey.

Both the online surveys and phone interviewers will ask if you wish to proceed. If contacted, you do not have to participate.

Should you wish to leave feedback, the information collected is collated and non-identifiable.

The results of this survey will help us improve our processes, systems and improve the customer service experience for our residents.

Thank you to all residents who decide to participate. We look forward to listening to your feedback so we can continue to put our customers first always.

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Customers first always