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Defining character in growth areas

Have your say on the preferred character of future developments in Bayside’s General Residential Zones.

We’re defining preferred future character objectives in General Residential Zones (GRZs) to better protect and respect local character in areas that will experience moderate growth.

General Residential Zones are designed to facilitate moderate growth because they’re typically well connected to shops, services, jobs and transport. However, this growth can lead to an obvious contrast in character between older homes and more recent additions to a neighbourhood.

Character is highly valued by our community. This project seeks to better protect the character of an area while helping to meet Bayside’s need for growth. The boundaries of General Residential Zones are not changing.

Share your view of a growing area

We're seeking feedback from residents on the character aspects they feel are most representative of a GRZ area, and would like to see in future developments. These aspects can include roof types, garden design and position, fencing, landscaping, and the space between buildings and the street.

Community feedback will be used to set preferred future character objectives which would sit under applicable schedules in the Bayside Planning Scheme to guide the assessment of development proposals that require planning approval.

Do you live in a General Residential Zone?

Use the interactive map on our Have Your Say website to see if your property is in a General Residential Zone.

If you live or own property in an applicable GRZ area, look out for a letter about this consultation in your mailbox soon.

Please note that the GRZ in Highett is not included in this consultation because there is currently a Planning Scheme Amendment underway to implement the Highett Structure Plan, 2018. This introduces new residential zone schedules which include future character statements.

What about other zones?

The majority of Bayside (83%) is within a Neighbourhood Residential Zone – one of the highest proportions of any Victorian municipality. This zone is designed for minimal growth with a mandatory two-storey height limit. Community consultation on Neighbourhood Residential Zone character is expected to occur next year. If you live within an NRZ, you’ll be notified when consultation begins. 

Find out more

Join us at a drop-in session at Brighton, Sandringham and Hampton libraries or take part in a community webinar at 7.30pm on 6 December 2021 to hear more about this project. You can also ask a question via our Q&A forum or book an individual meeting. Printed surveys and information is also available from Council's Corporate Centre.

This first stage of community consultation will close on 16 January 2022.

Have your say on character in growth areas