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Dendy Beach Pavilion Update

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Council is committed to delivering new facilities for Brighton Life Saving Club and is working to resolve planning and soil contamination issues at Dendy Street Beach.

There has been objections to the planning application for redeveloping this site and a VCAT hearing date has been set for October 2019.

Bayside Mayor, Cr Michael Heffernan said that he is looking forward to moving on with the plans to build the new pavilion.

“Council remains firmly committed to delivering a new pavilion for the Brighton Life Saving club.

“The life savers do a marvellous job keeping beach goers safe and it’s only right that Council build a new iconic pavilion with wonderful facilities that reflect how unique this Beach really is.

“The drawn out process due to the objections is extremely frustrating, however we must abide by the VCAT appeals process for a planning permit.

“Once the new life saving pavilion is approved, we are confident that we can move forward and begin work to realise the Dendy Street Beach upgrade, the outcomes of which will be a safer and decidedly more pleasant beach for swimmers and visitors.”

Work has now commenced on a number of foreshore projects at the southern end of Dendy Street Beach in Brighton which aim to mitigate the impact of coastal erosion and improve access at the southern end of the iconic beach.

This includes installing sandbags at the bottom of the dunes to protect the fragile dunes and coastal vegetation adjacent to Holloway Bend from further erosion.

Council is working with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to determine the action required in relation to the contaminated soil on the Dendy Street Beach foreshore.

Importantly Council has complied with all of the obligations required by the EPA and Council will continue to work with the EPA in a cooperative and meaningful manner.