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Dendy Street Beach bathing box Christmas delight

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

If one of Brighton’s iconic bathing boxes is on your Christmas list, your wish could come true. Number 76D, the last bathing box to be built under the Dendy Street Beach Master Plan, will go to auction on 7 December.

The new yellow and white structure, built for storing beach equipment, changing clothing and providing shelter, stands a little higher than its older neighbours in the colourful row to accommodate high tides.

Council has added nine new boxes over the past few years, bringing the final total number to 85. Dating back to the 1900s, the Dendy Street Beach bathing boxes are an important part of Bayside’s beachscape, loved by locals and visitors from across the world.

Proceeds from the sale will contribute towards beach upgrades and improvements. To own a bathing box licence you must be a Bayside resident.

Find out more, including licensing requirements and details about the auction call Bayside Leasing on 9599 4747.