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Dogs on sportsgrounds is a team effort

Thursday, April 29, 2021

With sports teams back for winter season training and matches, we’re reminding everyone of the dog off-leash rules to encourage respectful sharing of open spaces.

If you’re out exercising your dog, please follow these simple rules to protect the safety of your pet and other people:

  • Dogs must be on leash within 20 metres of an area being used for organised sport including training; playgrounds, barbeques, picnic areas and on-leash signed lakes and ponds
  • Dogs must always be under effective control
  • You must clean up after your dog immediately
  • Please ensure your dog doesn’t damage sportsground turf by digging.

To help dog walkers plan their visits to off-leash sportsgrounds outside of organised sport training times and matches, we have published the seasonal schedule on our website. Click here to view when sportsgrounds have been allocated to organised sport

During the winter season (April to October), our four-legged friends have much more freedom with greater off-leash access to beach and foreshore areas. Click here to see the places to walk your dog map which shows the beach and foreshore areas where dogs can be off-leash at all times from April to October.

We know that most people practise responsible dog ownership and pick up after their pooch or pop it on a lead where required. However, we will continue to regularly patrol our parks and open spaces to ensure pet owners are aware of the rules and are doing the right thing. Officers will take an education-first approach, but if you’re found repeatedly breaking the rules, significant fines can apply.

Dalmatian on a leash on an oval

Two dogs running through reserve


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