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Don’t be a bin feeder!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Did you know that global food waste creates more greenhouse gas emissions than the international aviation industry?

Food waste is the next big area for improvement; Bayside households throw out on average the equivalent of 25 large green rubbish bins worth of wasted food each year.

Not only is this a big problem for our environment it’s a big financial cost to our community through wasted food and Council waste charges which pay to collect, transport and dispose of this waste.

So what can you do?

In March 2017 Council launched a Facebook page called Please Don’t Feed the Bin.  Through this channel you can access a whole lot of useful tips and hints on how to avoid food waste.

From quick and easy recipes on how to cook with your leftovers through to information on the best ways to prepare and store your food it is a fully searchable page that will help you save time, money and food.

Over the month of March there is also a great range of workshops happening in Highett.  Check out the events section of the Facebook page for more information.


image of the vampire bin and stamp saying don't feed the bin