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Draft Lease and Licence Policy

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Have your say on our draft Leasing and Licence Policy 2018. We are revising our Lease and Licence Policy 2008 which applies to commercial, not-for-profit and club/other community organisation leases and licences on Council owned or managed properties.

Why revise the policy?

The 2008 policy duplicates many procedures now included in standard leasing and licencing agreements made over the last ten years.

The revised policy will also assist in clarifying the benefit to the Bayside community provided by not-for-profit/community tenants. This will become increasingly important as Council plans for the long term financial impact of rate capping and the need for ongoing maintenance and renewal of facilities.

Summary of proposed key changes

  • Removal of standard lease content - the current policy duplicates procedural information, eg maintenance schedules, insurance renewal guidelines, renewal procedures etc, which are now included in standard leasing agreements.
  • Transparency of subsidy - the revised policy quantifies the cost of leases with not-for-profit/community tenants.
  • Approach to determining community benefit - the revised policy includes criteria to assess the level of support provided to not-for-profit/community tenants via the lease or licence.
  • Sinking funds - the revised policy includes negotiation of sinking funds for tenants with exclusive occupancy of a court surface to fund renewal or significant maintenance.