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Dredging black sludge at Sandringham

Monday, September 9, 2019

Council has been lobbying the state government for nearly 10 years to do something about the 'black sludge' that has accumulated at the dog off-leash area in Hampton/Sandringham beach.

We are pleased to advise that Parks Victoria is currently dredging about 5,000m3 of sand and decaying seagrass material from in front of the yacht clubs and around the Hampton pier. 

In recent years, Sandringham harbour has experienced an accumulation of sand and seagrass in front of the off the beach sailing facilities operated by Sandringham and Hampton Yacht Clubs.  As the seagrass decays it forms a putrid smelling 'black sludge' in the shallow water. This has been building up over a number of years and has now accumulated to the point where it is impacting on the use and enjoyment of the harbour.

A recent technical investigation recommended the best option to remove the material was to dredge the affected areas.

The dredge material will be disposed of to the marine environment offshore from the breakwater, as shown in the map below. Any areas of seagrass washed up on the beach will be cleaned up as part of profiling the beach.The works will take approximately two weeks to complete subject to favourable weather.

Vessel operators are urged to take care when navigating in the vicinity of a dredge vessel and observe all day marks or lights.
The dredge is restricted in its ability to manoeuvre during dredging operations. Vessel operators are requested to wait for instructions from the dredge operator to safely navigate during the works.
Sand disposal pipes may be floating or submerged around the dredge.

Beach goers are also reminded to observe the signage and remain at a distance from the dredge pipeline.

These works have been funded by the Victorian Government and approved by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

For further information, please contact Parks Victoria information centre on 13 1963.