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Fix recycling now

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Your voice is needed in a campaign to urge the State Government to fix the growing crisis in waste and recycling in Victoria.

Over the past six years alone, Bayside residents have paid over $6.6 million dollars to the State Government via the compulsory Waste Levy. These funds are intended to be used to help foster environmentally sustainable uses of resources and best practices in waste management and promote innovative responses to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Bayside residents have a long and proud history as outstanding recyclers. But successive state governments have sat on their hands, using the Sustainability Fund to offset operational costs and other non- recycling and waste programs - $500 million of the Fund remains unspent.

This has been in spite of two years of clear warnings from China, the world’s largest recycling processor, that the system needed to change or they would close their doors. As a result, Victoria appears to be the most vulnerable state in Australia, facing the potential collapse of our recycling industry.

The State Government recently announced a $13 million contribution to address recycling over the short-term. This is too little, too late and will only assist in offsetting cost increases to 30 June 2018.

From 1 July 2018, the municipal waste charge must increase significantly if this problem is to be fixed.

We know from feedback received through the development of the Bayside Community Plan 2025 that our community expects Council to show leadership in environmental management. With the system now in crisis, the State Government needs to step up and show leadership in setting the strategic direction for a sustainable recycling sector. In this matter we need your support. Join your fellow citizens and share your concerns with all our local members as well as representatives from all major political parties.

Lend your voice at bayside.vic.gov.au/FixRecyclingNow or sign the petition at your local Bayside Library.

Cr Laurence Evans
Mayor, Bayside City Council

Key facts

  • Without State Government intervention Victoria’s recycling could end up in landfill
  • Ratepayers directly fund the State Government’s Sustainability Fund through the Waste Levy
  • 62% of Bayside’s landfill costs go into the Sustainability Fund
  • The Sustainability Fund is now valued at over $500 million
  • Successive state governments have ignored the looming crisis in the global recycling industry
  • Action needs to be taken now to ensure that your efforts in recycling don't go to waste