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Flu vaccines get extra boost

Thursday 25 May 2023

We are extending our community sessions to help parents who are struggling to get appointments for their children to receive the flu vaccine.

The Royal Children's Hospital has publicised the increased number of presentations to the emergency department with respiratory illnesses, and the importance of getting the influenza vaccine as soon as possible.

Influenza causes substantial illness in children, who are much more likely to catch the flu in any given season than adults.

The Victorian government funds influenza vaccine for all children aged 6 months (the earliest you can have it) to less than 5 years, and people between 5 and 65 who are medically at risk or those over 65 are also funded to receive the vaccine for free.

Influenza vaccine is also recommended for older children and anyone wanting to reduce the risk of infection.

Healthy individuals not in the funded cohort can purchase the flu vaccine from our website or when they make bookings online.

Vaccinating your children protects them and the community by reducing the amount of virus circulating.

Flu strains change from year to year which means vaccines may also be updated, so it is important to get vaccinated every year.

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