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Food waste gets the green lid

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A new green bin lid* will replace the current red one on green waste bins to mark the start of collecting and recycling food scraps.

The change is part of Council’s new Food and Green Waste recycling service, which kicks off from July.

Council contractors will visit all current green waste bin owners from July to change the bin lids over. The old red lids will be recycled and the plastic used to make new bin bodies.

Once the lid exchange is complete, residents can start to put food in the bin along with their green waste. The bins will continue to be emptied fortnightly and the contents sent to a recycling facility where it will be turned into compost for Victorian farmers.

Bayside Mayor Michael Heffernan said the new service would help Council increase diversion of waste from landfill to 60 per cent by next year.

“Food scraps made up 50 per cent of all waste headed for landfill,” Cr Heffernan said.

“By putting food scraps into the food and organic waste bin, you will be helping to reduce landfill and greenhouse gases, while providing a valuable composting product for Victorian agriculture.”

Residents will receive an information pack with their green bin lid, along with a year’s supply of compostable bags and a kitchen caddy. The new lid will also feature prompts to 

“The kitchen caddy is a small bin that can be used to collect food scraps to transfer from your kitchen to your home compost system or into the food and green waste bin,” Cr Heffernan said.

“Compostable bags can be used to line the caddy or to bag soft and smelly food before putting it in the food and green waste bin.”

“The supplied compostable bin liners are the only bags that can go in the food and green waste bin. Plastic bags cannot be used as they will contaminate the resulting compost sent to farmers”, he said.

If you do not have a current green waste bin, order one online. This bin comes at a on-off charge of $100.20, which is the same charge paid by current users.

*Green is the Australian colour standard for organic waste.