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Get Garage Sale Trail Ready - 10 best declutter tips

Monday, October 16, 2017

Top tips for Garage Sale Trail success from Bayside's Bless This Mess declutter expert Robyn Amott.

  1. First walk around the house and pluck out the obvious pieces to go;
  2. Sharpen your focus - take it one room at a time;
  3. Categorise as you go – sport, kids, appliances, clothing etc;
  4. Don’t double handle – set up an area or table and sort items in categories;
  5. Price as you go - keep it reasonable;
  6. Have a plan to drop the prices at a certain time during the day to boost sales;
  7. Nothing comes back inside - promise yourself;
  8. When the day is done arrange for it to be taken away. Through Council, charity shops or places like 1800 Got Junk;
  9. Consider donating the proceeds to a local charity;
  10. Vow to never rebuy or bring back in the categories of items that you’ve got rid of.

She’s seen it all before food scraps, wall to wall junk and once has even had to use a shovel to find the carpet – but Bayside’s declutter expert Robyn Amott says junk shaming is not her style.

“Life just happens and it’s the same for all of us,” explains Robyn the founder of Bless This Mess “and that’s where I come in.

“In our busy lives things naturally build up until one day you just can’t deal with it anymore and the pressure of not dealing with it is causes stress,” she adds.

“Garage Sales are perfect for these times in your life,” says Robyn who has worked with Bayside families for more than 7 seven years and would “never ever name a client”.

“I would also never provide a gift voucher for someone unless I first checked if the person themselves actually wanted it,” says Robyn.

“Most of the time the clutter is just evidence of a busy life with parents working and then there’s other times where a family may have a sick child and the last thing they have time for is sorting their clutter.”

According to Robyn, the other benefits for families include teaching the kids to learn how to let go, to find appropriate homes for their things and to limit the amount of what they have.

 “Regardless, I’m never shocked I’m simply here to help,” she concludes.

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