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Get ready for the bin lid switch

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

From Monday 15 July, put your green waste bin out for your regular collection day, even if it is empty, to get started with food and green waste recycling.

We’ll visit to change your red lid to a new green one - your old lid will be recycled into new bin bodies.

You’ll also receive a Food and Green Waste Recycling Starter Kit including a kitchen caddy and a year’s supply of compostable bags.

If your bin lid is not changed over after 2 collection cycles, we will leave instructions on how to contact us to arrange it.

We will leave one Food and Green Waste Recycling Starter Kit per green bin – if you share a bin and need more Kits, you will be able to order them online from 15 July.

There are no changes to the weekly garbage or fortnightly recycling bins or collections.

Food waste recycling starts 15 July

Commencing 15 July 2019, food waste can be included in Bayside’s green waste bins.

Just put your food waste into your existing green waste bin with a new green lid. We’ll be calling these bins the food and green waste bins from 15 July.

You can put food waste into the Council supplied compostable bags or just pop it directly into the big bin. You can also wrap it in newspaper if you prefer.

Our food waste will be transformed into compost and used by Victorian farmers to grow their crops. Find out more here

The details

There is no additional cost to existing users of Bayside’s green waste service.

New users can order a new food and green bin for a one off cost of $100.20 here

If you live in a unit or multi-unit development, use Council's waste service and share an existing green waste bin, you can request a Starter Kit from 15 July.

Bin collection days, times and frequencies are not changing. Your bin will be collected fortnightly on the same day as before the change.

Find out more about Food waste recycling starts 15 July