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Green lid roll out continues

Thursday, August 8, 2019

We’re more than 3/4s of the way though the change over of 30,000 green waste bin lids for the introduction of food waste recycling in Bayside and are still going strong!

Thanks to everyone who has enthusiastically embraced the new service and started recycling food scraps instead of putting them in the landfill bin. We’re excited about it too.

Special thanks to residents who are still waiting patiently for their green bin lid change and Food & Green Waste Starter Kit including a kitchen caddy, compostable bags and information pack.

The roll out is taking a little longer than we expected, so we are adding more deliveries. Lid change overs and Starter Kit deliveries will continue until all lids have been changed and all Starter Kits delivered.

Even if your bin lid still red or you haven't received your Starter Kit, you can start recycling food scraps via your green waste bin. Scraps can be placed directly into the or wrapped in newspaper if you prefer. Find out what goes in your food and green waste bin here

What do I need to do?

  • If the lid on your green waste bin is still red, put it out on your next regular fortnightly green waste collection day between, even if it is empty.
  • If your lid isn’t changed we’ll be back – put your green waste bin out on your following regular green waste collection day.
  • If you have received your Starter Kit without a bin lid change, please put your green waste bin out on your next regular green waste collection day.
  • If your lid has been changed but no Starter Kit delivered, we’ll drop it off in the next fortnight.

Find out more or to order a new food & green bin

Having trouble opening your compostable bags?

Our quick video will assist - view it here