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Guardians of the trees

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Retaining the tree canopy in Bayside is a hot topic and Council is putting measures in place to ensure existing indigenous and native trees are protected.

Beaumaris Conservation Society (BCS) urges residents to be the eyes and ears for Council by ensuring new developments and existing properties retain and plant indigenous and native plants. 

“Beaumaris has remnant plants that are unique to this area and have a significant history,” BCS President Caroline Lawton said.

“It is important for our future and our native wildlife that people understand the importance of our local vegetation and how it is unique to anywhere else in Melbourne.”

Beaumaris, Black Rock and parts of Cheltenham and Sandringham are among the only Melbourne suburbs with a Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO), which falls under the Bayside Planning Scheme.

“The VPO ensures developers and property owners abide by laws that protect indigenous plants and native trees which also contribute to canopy and habitat,” Ms Lawton said.

While retaining aesthetic character and habitat value of these areas, the VPO promotes regeneration and replanting indigenous species.

More information about the VPO is available in Bayside’s Landscaping Guidelines, which also sets out rules for removing trees and vegetation, and pruning, on private property throughout Bayside.

View more details on Landscaping Guidelines for Bayside