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Half time oranges bring colour and vibrancy to Peterson Street Reserve

Friday 4 November 2022


Artist Carla Gottgens with Mayor Alex del Porto cutting the ribbon at the Half time public art launch

The whimsical Half time sculpture by artist Carla Gottgens was officially unveiled by Bayside Mayor Cr Alex del Porto.

Located at Peterson Street Reserve in Highett, it was inspired by our community’s aspirations to have a sculpture that is fun, durable and reflects the usage of the Reserve.

Half time is a joyful celebration of the Aussie sporting tradition to serve cut oranges during sporting matches to refresh and quench the thirst of busy players. The oranges are jumbled together, much like you would find them in a Tupperware container at a sporting match.

Half time is a tribute to all the families who have braved early Saturday mornings, late winter evenings, rain, hail and shine to watch their children or participate themselves in team sports,” said Ms Gottgens.

Mayor Cr Alex del Porto spoke of the important role public art plays in the creative life of our community.

“The Bayside 2050 Community Vision expresses an aspiration for a vibrant and connected community by promoting creativity in the arts in all its forms. Public art is an essential element of this vision. It brings vibrancy and interactivity to public spaces and fosters wellbeing and inclusion. It is also a reflection of our values and surroundings and helps cultivate our cultural identity,” Cr del Porto said.

Public art transforms our cityscapes, helping people to access and engage with art as part of their everyday lives.

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