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Have your say on food waste

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Of the 23,000 tonnes of waste Bayside households send to landfill every year, almost 50% of this is food waste.
Bayside households throw away 14% more food than other Victorians – adding up to a significant cost.
Reducing and recycling food waste represents a significant opportunity to cut the amount of waste we send to landfill.
Council is proposing to include food waste into our current garden waste bin as part of a new food/organics waste collection service.
Food scraps such as bread, pasta, cereal, rice, meat (no bones), dairy, egg shells etc could be included in the new service – as well as many items that can be composted. If you already compost, please keep it up and use the new service for your non compostable waste.
We want to understand community views on food waste recycling to use in our planning. This includes issues such as:
  • Will you put your food waste in the green bin?
  • Would you use a Council supplied small bin or “caddy” to keep in the kitchen to collect your food scraps in before putting them into the big green bin?
  • Would you put loose food scraps in the bin or would you prefer to use compostable bags?
  • Would you use a food waste service that was fortnightly?
To give your feedback on these and other recycling and waste questions, go to bayside.vic.gov.au\haveyoursay