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Have your say on hard waste

Monday, August 6, 2018

Booking a hard waste collection is a great way of getting rid of unwanted household items and brick a brac – but in some ways it’s not so great for the environment!

We are seeking community feedback on how to reduce the amount of hard waste Bayside households send to landfill. While many items are recycled, a large amount can’t be reused or repurposed once they are collected.

In 2017, the 18,948 hard waste bookings made by Bayside’s households generated 2,137 tonnes of general waste sent to landfill.

Annually, Bayside’s hard waste collection includes:

  • 297 tonnes of e-waste sent to e-waste recycling processors
  • 7,860 mattresses sent to mattress recyclers
  • 5,500 bookings for bundled branches and prunings which are recycled into organic mulch for Victorian agriculture.

Household furniture such as couches, wooden items, toys, carpet, soft furnishing timber, household tools/equipment cannot be recycled by Council’s hard waste contractors and end up in landfill after collection.

We want to understand community views on how to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. You can share your ideas here.

Bayside households can book up to two hard waste collections per calendar year – additional collections need to be made through a private arrangement.

Bayside adopted an on-demand hard waste booking service in 2014. Customer Satisfaction Research in 2018 highlighted a high degree of community satisfaction with the service. There are no plans to change the on-demand nature of the service.

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