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Heritage assessment of Beaumaris Art Group Studio building

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Council has overturned its earlier decision to demolish the Beaumaris Art Group Studios building until a heritage assessment of the building is completed. Council will proceed with a new design for the Arts Group building that is sympathetic to any identified heritage characteristics of the building and the precinct, and considers the protection of significant elements identified, whilst providing a facility that is fit-for-purpose and meets future user group needs.

Council recognises all groups involved agree the current building is not fit-or-purpose and hopes this decision resolves some of the earlier concerns.

Council will continue to respond to the community, informing all interested stakeholders on the ongoing decisions made about the Beaumaris Art Group Studio.

The redevelopment of the Frank Reade Pavilion, used by the Beaumaris Soccer Club, will proceed immediately with a planning application, due to be lodged in March 2020. Construction of the new building will be sympathetic with the broader precinct.

The Beaumaris Memorial Community Centre precinct was considered as part of the mid-century modern voluntary nomination process, where a number of Council buildings were put forward for inclusion in the Heritage Overlay.

The Arts Group building and the Frank Reade Pavilion were omitted from the original heritage assessment, due to the existing Council decision to demolish the buildings, whilst the other buildings on the site were individually assessed by Council’s consultant for their potential heritage significance. It was ultimately determined that the individual buildings assessed were not significant individually, but for their collective heritage significance as a ‘precinct’, due to the master-planned nature of the reserve.

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