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Historic Black Rock home a step closer to heritage protection

One of Black Rock’s oldest houses is a step closer to heritage protection after Council voted to apply the Heritage Overlay onto the property.

Tuesday 15 November 2022


Councillors agreed with a heritage assessment report that proposed an amendment to Bayside’s Heritage Overlay for 31-33 Eliza Street, Black Rock after a request from the property’s owner.

The report presented to October’s Ordinary Meeting of Council stated that “Tara (former Greenock) is a rare and early example of a house manufactured from concrete blocks and is also one of the few surviving pre-World War I houses in Black Rock.”

The report recommended to apply an individual Heritage Overlay  to the property “between the front (Eliza Street) boundary and the internal fence dividing the rear yard”, internal controls to specific features within the building and tree controls to nine mature trees as they were “reputedly planted by the original owners.”.

Council will now seek authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare the Planning Scheme Amendment before it can be adopted and approved.

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