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Housing the future

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Our revised Housing Strategy provides a blueprint for how and where we can accommodate the forecast 13,000 new residents who are expected to make Bayside home in the future.

While Bayside will remain a predominantly family based municipality in the future there will be more people aged 65+ and 15-39. This is driving the need for a range of housing options for young people, older people and vulnerable members of our community.

Following community consultation in April and May this year, the Strategy was revised to address feedback on a number of issues.

Updates to the strategy include greater consideration of sustainability at the planning stages of new buildings, more protection of vegetation and encouraging affordable housing in private developments.

Concerns about construction management is a major issue for many in our community. The revised strategy includes an action to review our approach to managing the impact of construction on residents to minimise disruption to parking, traffic management and increased noise.

View the revised Bayside Housing Strategy at Have Your Say