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Hunt for pirate treasure this school holidays

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Need an activity for the kids this school holidays? Sign them up to our free Bayside Buccaneers Playground Testers program and go into the draw to win pirate treasure!

All children aged 1 - 12 can register with us and receive a Treasure Map in the mail containing clues to find the pirate treasure. There are six playgrounds in Bayside that we want playground user feedback on and each survey completed will give your young pirate an entry into the draw to win movie tickets. If your Bayside Buccaneer completes the surveys for all six playgrounds, they will go into the draw to win GOLD Class vouchers for the movies.

Each year we call on our experts (children) to provide critical insights to the playground design team, to ensure that our playgrounds are safe, fun and accessible. The Treasure Map will lead the Bayside Buccaneer Playground Testers to the playgrounds where a hidden QR code will reveal the link to the playground survey. All is needed is a patient parent or carer to drive the pirates around to as many of the six playgrounds that you have time to visit and help them use a smart phone to complete the surveys on what they like or don't like about each one.

For more information about the Playground Upgrades program or to register to be a Bayside Buccaneer, visit bayside.vic.gov.au/haveyoursay

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