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Introducing Summertime

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Summertime, tipped to be Bayside’s new best mate, was unveiled today in front of more than 60 enthusiastic attendees, numerous passers-by and residents with their four-legged friends.

Created by artist Anne Ross (pictured above), the bronzed sculpture of a dog with its ears back wearing sunglasses and sitting beside a tree, is the latest addition to the Bayside public art collection along the foreshore.

In unveiling the much anticipated piece that now sits near the Brighton Dog Beach at the end of Sandown St, Bayside Mayor Cr Laurence Evans, described Summertime as the perfect sculpture in the perfect location.

“For me Summertime combines three quintessential Bayside characteristics – our love of animals, our love of the environment and our love of the foreshore,” shared Cr Evans.

“But I especially love the sunglasses – it gives him real character,” he said.

“The dog is a universal symbol representing a guardian or overseer of the site and community, the tree represents the importance of nature, sustainability, shelter, strength and life and the location allows Summertime to effectively engage with the community and celebrate the significance of the location,” added Cr Evans.

“Bayside has over 12,300 dogs registered – many of which would have gone for walk, had an off lead run or a splash at the dog beach just over there.

“It seems fitting that Summertime will watch over this open space where so many people, and families, come to unwind, exercise, take time out of their busy schedules and enjoy this marvellous coastline Bayside is fortunate enough to have.

Cr Evans said he was pleased to see that Summertime, rather than be viewed from a distance, was designed to more interactive.

“In fact we hope that people who visit him will be able to set and take a picture – even a selfie – sitting alongside Bayside’s new best mate.

Cr Evans added that pets play an important part of the Bayside community and bring significant and indisputable health, wellbeing and social benefits to their owners.