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Join the Bayside 2050 Vision Community Panel

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Here’s the opportunity of a lifetime to influence future decision making in Bayside – join our Bayside 2050 Community Panel.

Our paid panel will meet in late Feb/March 2020 to analyse feedback from the broader community on what’s important for the future of our municipality.

Made up of approximately 30 everyday residents, the panel will broadly represent the Bayside community in terms of age, gender and place of residence.

The panel will meet for three full days (on weekends). They will be briefed by futurists and experts in population, planning, climate change and other key areas to inform their deliberations.

The task of the panel is to develop a draft Bayside 2050 Community Vision to guide decision making in the future and respond to the question:

“The world is changing, and life in Bayside will be very different in 30 years time. What’s our vision for Bayside in 2050 and what do we need to prioritise in order to get there?”

Panel members who attend all three sessions will receive a $300 gift card to cover costs associated with attendance (such as travel and childcare) and to recognise their commitment to their community.

The panel will not be like a traditional public meeting where loud voices can dominate. This will be a genuine, open process where all participants will be valued and heard.

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