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Keep calm and recycle

Monday, August 7, 2017

Rubbish and recycling are in the news but Bayside residents can be confident our recyclables are actually recycled.

Bayside’s 44,000 plus households produce more than 41,000 tonnes of rubbish per year, with over 51% of this material recycled such as glass, plastic, paper products and green organics.

Where does our rubbish go?

Bayside’s kerbside garbage is transported to the Melbourne Regional Landfill (MRL) at Ravenhall.

Where does our green waste go?

Our green garden waste is transported to the Cleanaway Transfer Station in Clayton where it is decontaminated and shredded. From there it is transported to the Dutsun Downs processing facility in Gippsland where it is composted and used for Victorian agriculture and land farming to enrich the soils.

Where does our recycling go?

Our co-mingled recycling materials are transported to a Materials Recycling Facility (MFR) operated by our recycling provider Polytrade in Dandenong to separate:

  • Paper and cardboard for processing by Visy Recycling
  • Plastics which are are sorted and sold for recycling by Polytrade
  • Glass which is cleaned and separated by Polytrade and sold to OI Glass in Spotswood to produce new glass products. This is unique to Polytrade Victoria due to the quality of their sorting process through an investment in new technology to clean and separate glass of different colours for sale to the Australian glass industry. Australian glass uses the second highest percentage of recyclable components (36%) internationally.

Recycling not only saves resources and reduces the impact of landfill on the environment, it also has a direct benefit to ratepayers via savings on landfill waste charges.

The waste industry in both Australia and internationally is experiencing significant challenges, in particular the need to recover resources from waste products. A current worldwide glut of recyclable materials has been exacerbated by restrictions on sending recycled products offshore for processing.

Bayside City Council is working with the State Government on a range of waste issues directly and as part of our membership of the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) - a group of 31 Melbourne Councils and State Government representatives.

We will also continue to work with leading providers of waste services to drive good environmental and financial outcomes for Bayside.

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