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Kids on board for snakes and ladders at Dendy Park

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Local families will be the first to check out a public art sculpture unveiled at the new Dendy Park South playground, on Saturday 1 September.

Melbourne artist Carla Gottgens has designed a fun and interactive art piece to be used by local children in the new and improved Dendy Park South playground.

The Bayside Ripple sculpture, the latest addition to the Bayside public art collection,  is based on the game of snakes and ladders and uses motifs and symbols drawn from the history of Bayside to mark each space around the playing board.  

Bayside Mayor, Cr Laurence Evans said the new playground reflects the open and natural appeal of the park and the sculpture has been created to respond to the special nature of the site.

“We’re thrilled with how this interactive art sculpture has been crafted, it creates a sense of wonder and is inspired by the natural environment that will help our children connect with nature.

“This new playground at Dendy Park South is part of Council’s plan to transform every playground across Bayside by 2025. Our vision is to provide play opportunities that will allow children of all abilities to grow their independence and hone their skills and creativity.”

The game board features the copper head snake, a native reptile found in the Bayside and Mornington areas as the traditional “snake” and the “ladder" has been created using black crow feathers, a symbol of Waa, the protector of waterways of the Boonwurrung people.

Carla said she jumped at the opportunity to create an interactive piece for the new playground.  

"Interactivity is a key driver in my artistic practice and I really enjoyed creating The Bayside Ripple to encourage play and learning about the local history.

“The sculpture was inspired by Bayside’s connection to the water and when viewed from above resembles a water ripple,” said Ms Gottgens.

The launch will be held Saturday 1 September 10:00am, Dendy Park (South) Playground, Brighton East.