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Laurence Evans OAM elected Mayor of Bayside

Thursday 19 November 2020

Councillor Laurence Evans OAM was elected Mayor of the City of Bayside at the 19 November 2020 Annual Meeting of Council for the 2020–21 Council year.

Cr Evans is a fourth-generation Bayside resident with a strong commitment to the community and long held passion for Bayside’s foreshore and natural environment.

A retired architect by profession, Cr Evans is also a strong advocate for protecting Bayside’s built environment and village character to sympathetically accommodate population growth.

Married to Jenny, Cr Evans has three children and seven grandchildren.

At the same meeting, Cr Sonia Castelli was elected Deputy Mayor and Cr Alex del Porto Chair of the Planning and Amenity Committee.

Cr Evans who represents Ebden Ward said that the new seven member Council was inspired by the community’s spirit and resilience throughout this challenging year.

“Bayside is a kind and connected community and I’m dedicated to working to protect and improve the wonderful place we all love."

“As Mayor, I will ensure we continue to support our municipality through the impacts of COVID-19, foster economic and social recovery and continue to invest in infrastructure that will enhance the lives of our residents,” Cr Evans said.

Cr Evans was elected to Bayside City Council in November 2012 and was Mayor in 2013–14.  He was re-elected in November 2016 and was Mayor in 2017–18. Cr Evans was also previously Mayor of the City of Sandringham (1990–91).

Cr Evans acknowledged the contribution of outgoing Mayor, Cr Clarke Martin in leading Council over the past year during a truly unprecedented time.

“Cr Martin had an exceptional term as Mayor and I commend him for this,” Cr Evans said.

“I’m looking forward to working alongside all my fellow Councillors building a collegial Council to continue making Bayside better.”

Laurence Evans OAM is the new Mayor of Bayside.

Mayoral profile

Councillor Laurence Evans OAM was first elected to Council in November 2012, was re-elected in November 2016 and again in October 2020.

Cr Evans served as Mayor of Bayside in 2013–14 and 2017–18 and Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Planning and Amenity Committee for 2015–16 and 2016–17. He was also a Councillor with the former City of Sandringham from 1984–91, and Mayor of the City of Sandringham in 1990–91.

Cr Evans has lived in the Bayside area all of his life, as have his parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. He and wife Jenny have three adult children and seven grandchildren. Cr Evans demonstrates a strong passion for the foreshore and the natural and built environment. He also has a deep commitment to the wellbeing of all demographics of the Bayside community.

Cr Evans’ commitment to aged care is evident in his work as a founding member of the Sandringham Aged Care Association Inc. (SACA). The SACA is the committee charged with running Fairway Hostel, a not-for-profit 62 bed hostel for the aged, which was started when Cr Evans left Sandringham Council in 1991. As a retired architect and Councillor, he can also have a strong professional input to the planning of the municipality.

Bayside City Council's seven newly elected Councillors.

From left to right: Cr Clarke Martin, Beckett Ward; Cr Fiona Stitfold, Boyd Ward; Deputy Mayor Cr Sonia Castelli, Ivison Ward; Bayside Mayor Cr Laurence Evans OAM, Ebden Ward; Cr Jo Samuel-King MBBS, Castlefield Ward; Cr Hanna El Mouallem, Dendy Ward; Cr Alex del Porto, Bleazby Ward.

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