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Let's Talk about Planning

A conversation about growth and change in Bayside

Wednesday 13 October 2021


Are you concerned about growth and development in Bayside? Do you know what to expect in your neighbourhood in the future?

Join us for Let’s Talk Planning – a deeper look at growth and development in Bayside.

The Victorian Government has mandated that all areas in and around Melbourne (not just Bayside) must take their share of our State’s population growth. This we cannot change.

For Bayside this means an additional 7,500 homes by 2036.

However, many residents are already concerned that Bayside is being overdeveloped and want Council to stop growth, or better manage the impacts on traffic, trees and vegetation, and the character of an area. Planning and development was one of the top three local issues raised in the latest community satisfaction survey in early 2021.

It’s a challenge, and there is no easy solution. So we’re starting an open and honest conversation about it and invite you to be part of it.

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