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Litter be gone- Clean Up Australia Day results

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

At this year’s Clean Up Australia Day event more than 60 Baysiders joined in on the litter picking adventure collecting more than 110kg of litter.

On Sunday 7 March, Bayside, in partnership with Friends of Bayside Roads, hosted a clean-up event held at Trey Bit Reserve, Sandringham as part of Clean Up Australia Day 2021.

Some of the litter collected included: plastic and glass bottles, cans, textiles, soft plastics, takeaway cups, lids, and straws, facemasks, cigarette butts, and sadly, a stack of fishing line.

The litter was found within a 2-3km radius in and around Sandringham foreshore and Yacht Club area with much of the litter found in natural habitats that are home to an abundance of native wildlife.      

Some of this litter had washed up from our beaches, was dropped in inland streets and made its way to the coast, intentionally dumped or carelessly discarded.

Remember - when you’re out and about, dispose of your rubbish responsibly by placing it in a bin or taking it home with you.

If you’d like to get involved in a regular clean up, you can join any one of Bayside’s dedicated environmental groups. For a full list and to find a group closest to you, check out our Join an environmental group page.

A massive thank you to all those who attended, it was a perfect sunny day to keep Bayside beautiful.

List of items found:

  • 6kg of empty plastic bottles (approx. 315)
  • 5.5kg of aluminium cans (approx. 230)
  • 40kg of glass bottles (approx. 500)
  • 4kg of soft plastics
  • 2.5kgs of textiles
  • 3.5kg of cardboard and paper
  • 4kg of takeaway coffee and smoothie cups and lids, and straws
  • Approx. 850 cigarette butts
  • Three large polystyrene boxes
  • 30 face masks
  • 14 sporting balls
  • 5 batteries
  • 4.5kg of hard waste
  • A heap of fishing line
  • Plus around 25kgs of general rubbish

Volunteer with bags of litter and two dogs at the Clean Up Australia Day event