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Local Government Elections 2020

Thursday, July 30, 2020

The upcoming Council elections are your opportunity to play a part in determining the future of Bayside – either as a potential candidate or as a voter.

The elections will be held in October 2020 and conducted via postal vote.

If you are passionate about Bayside and local decision making and want to contribute, please consider running as a candidate. Be the change you want to see by standing for Council.

Women and young people in particular are encouraged to apply.

The COVID-19 restrictions means campaigning will be different this year but the right to nominate as a candidate and the right of citizens to vote for a candidate that best represents them is a cornerstone of our democracy.

Candidate information sessions

Candidate information sessions for Bayside are being held on 20 and 24 August, as well as further mandatory State Government training which all candidates must attend.

Women considering becoming a candidate in the elections are also invited to attend an online seminar run in conjunction with Local Government Victoria and Women’s Health in the South East.

Find out more about the candidate information sessions.

Nominations must be submitted by 12 pm Tuesday 22 September.


Ballots will be mailed to all Bayside voters registered on the electoral role.

Ballots will be distributed to enrolled voters between 6 and 8 October 6 and must be put into the return post by 6pm 24 October.

Find out more about voting in the council elections.

Find out more about the upcoming Council elections

Stand for Council in the 2020 elections