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Masterplan for Brighton Recreation Centre and Wilson Reserve

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Council has approved a Community Engagement Plan to guide the development of a Masterplan for the Brighton Recreation Centre and neighbouring Wilson Reserve. The community will be invited to provide feedback on a collective vision for the area.

Last year, we conducted a social needs infrastructure assessment of the Brighton Recreation Centre (BRC), including broad community and stakeholder consultation.

The assessment found that:

  • BRC is ageing and lacks contemporary design features (e.g. natural light, flexible meeting rooms, waiting areas and spaces for socialisation).
  • The building lacks storage and spaces for group administration.
  • BRC has minimal interface and connection and access with the neighbouring Wilson Reserve
  • Many of the existing spaces within the BRC are not fit-for-purpose and require significant set up and pack down between activities.

The community engagement will take place in two stages:

  • Stage 1 of the engagement is planned to commence in May 2019. This stage will focus on gathering information and ideas from the community and key stakeholders to inform the design of the Masterplan.
  • Stage 2 of the engagement is estimated to commence between February and May 2020. This stage will involve the development of the draft Masterplan which will be made available for public comment. The feedback from the community and key stakeholders will inform the design of the final Masterplan.

A range of activities will be conducted to inform the Masterplan development prior to, during and post the engagement plan stages. These activities will include site assessment, options analysis, concept planning, scope development and various feasibility assessments.

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