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Middle Brighton Pier Reopens

Thursday 9 December 2021


Middle Brighton Pier has reopened in time for the busy summer season following strong advocacy from Council.

Bayside Mayor, Cr Alex del Porto said he was delighted to see the Brighton pier back in action and hoped that Sandringham and Half Moon Bay piers would follow.

“These piers are important community assets which are used by a wide range of community members,’ he said.

“I am very pleased that Brighton pier has reopened. We will continue to work with Parks Victoria for a clear plan for the repair and reopening of Sandringham Harbour (Hampton) pier and advocate for the reopening of Half Moon Bay.”

Council worked with the Victorian Government and stakeholders for the reopening of Brighton pier in time for the busy summer use by boaters, anglers, swimmers and pedestrians.

The 10-month program to strengthen a 340-metre section between the foreshore and marina entrance and replace deteriorated concrete deck panels was funded through the Victorian Government’s $24 million Piers and Jetties package.

Maintenance dredging within the harbour to remove a build-up of sand is also complete to prepare for the peak boating season.

Investigations into longer-term options for Middle Brighton Pier and breakwater are in an early stage, led by a reference group to advise on the project, including members of Parks Victoria, Bayside City Council and the Department of Transport.