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New Bus Shelters for Bayside commuters

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Public Transport Victoria is installing 15 new bus shelters in Bayside over the coming months.

These bus shelters represent a significant investment in public transport infrastructure within the municipality.

New bus shelters, and their associated seating, assist in making a bus journey more comfortable by providing a resting place and shelter from the sun, rain and wind. 

Improved facilities at bus stops benefit existing users and make public transport a more attractive option for new users.

It is envisaged that the increased level of comfort provided by new bus shelters will encourage more people to use public transport and will also assist in reducing residents’ reliance on private vehicles.

This has the added benefit of responding to climate change by reducing transport-related emissions.

Improving public transport infrastructure was raised by the community as one of the most significant issues in the development of Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy.

Sites for new bus shelters are prioritised based on the number of passengers touching-on with a myki at a bus stop, which is determined from the latest available myki data, provided by PTV. 

Council is committed to advocating for improved public transport services and associated infrastructure in order to improve the attractiveness of public transport services as a real transport option for the Bayside community.