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New neighbourhood name to recognise Pennydale’s proud past

Pennydale will receive formal recognition as a neighbourhood following a committed renaming campaign by proud local residents, supported by Council

Thursday 21 July 2022

The section of Bayside currently defined as part of Cheltenham but known to locals as Pennydale will receive formal neighbourhood status. The neighbourhood is bordered by Bay Road, Jack Road, Park Road and the Frankston railway line.

Bayside Mayor, Cr Alex del Porto said the name Pennydale clearly has strong significance for many residents in this part of Bayside and Council was supportive of the neighbourhood name change.

“Pennydale residents are a strong, passionate community who have advocated for recognition for their special part of Bayside for many years. We are delighted that Pennydale can be recognised as a neighbourhood due to its unique character,” he said.

Council will install signage at the gateways to the neighbourhood to celebrate the special name.

The new neighbourhood name will reflect the historical community connection with the former Pennydale Post Office which was located on the edge of the precinct and named for the Penny family whose orchards formerly occupied this section of Cheltenham.

Community engagement in 2018 resulted in strong support for a name change being expressed by local residents.

Mailing addresses in the area will remain as the suburb of Cheltenham.

Council will now request Geographical Names Victoria to gazette and register Pennydale as a neighbourhood.

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