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Peterson Reserve Playground closure

Monday, September 11, 2017

Council has commenced the removal of a number of small pieces of fibro sheeting containing asbestos at Peterson Reserve in Highett.

This follows the discovery of sheeting in an area in the park adjacent to the newly opened playground.

Once the materials were identified and confirmed as containing asbestos, Council acted immediately to fence the site.

Council has engaged specialist, qualified asbestos removalists to remove the materials and advise on further remediation works required.

Council is awaiting a report from the specialist to guide any further action needed. Council will provide further update once this information is available.

The safety of park and playground users is paramount. This area is now fenced and does not represent an immediate hazard to the community. Council asks members of the community to stay outside the fenced area while investigations occur.

Concerned residents wishing to be kept informed of the results of our investigations are asked to contact Council on 9599 4444 to register their details.