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Plastic Free July is coming to an end - what’s next?

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Plastic Free July is coming to end but that doesn’t mean your pesky plastic avoidance has to end with it. If you’re feeling inspired and ready to continue, discover some of the great things previous Plastic Free July ‘graduates’ chose to do next:

  • Have a look in your rubbish and recycling bins. What are the most common plastic items? Bread bags? Coffee cups? Plastic packaging from fresh produce? Meat trays?

There are many alternatives to these. It might take a little more effort but many people report feeling a sense of satisfaction seeing their bin less full. This is a perfect way to get ready for the bin collection changes scheduled for July 2022.

Here are a just few ideas:

Get discounts on sustainable alternatives

It’s always best to use what you have where possible but when you must buy items (like a reusable bread bag or fresh produce bag) save some money with great discounts by redeeming your GreenMoney points.

The GreenMoney program is available exclusively for Bayside residents and rewards you for taking everyday sustainable actions with discounts at local and online businesses.

Activate your free GreenMoney account

Woman plastic free shopping

Shopping at a bulk food store and bringing your own reusable jar, box or bag is a great way to avoid plastic.

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