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Prepping for summer sport

Saturday 9 October 2021


Winter is behind us and summer is not too far ahead, so it’s time to start preparing our grounds for the new season’s sports.

That means goal posts will be coming out.

Because we knew many of you weren’t quite ready to hang up your boots, we pushed the changeover process out a while.

That allowed locals a little more activity space in lockdown and a bit more kick about during AFL finals frenzy.

However, school holidays are ending, and Victoria’s vaccination rates have put the return of community sport on the horizon.

Our teams need time to get the sports grounds ready for that return.

Council’s ground-maintenance contractors will commence the final phase of goal posts removal from sports grounds on Monday 4 October to facilitate summer sports commencing.

It is estimated it will take two weeks to complete the removal across all our ovals.

The crews will also be coring, top dressing and irrigating to ensure Bayside’s sports grounds are in great condition for the summer season.

Please note, turf wickets will be unavailable for public use.