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Realigning the Bay Trail in Sandringham

Monday 30 January 2023


We’re realigning the Bay Trail at the Bay and Beach Road intersection in Sandringham to provide a safer route for riders and pedestrians around the electrical substation building.

This short section of the Bay Trail will be closed in February while works are undertaken. The realignment will improve safety and visibility following the identification of a blind spot along the shared path, adjacent to the substation and the pedestrian signal road crossing.

The current section of trail, north of the substation alongside Beach Road will be reopened for pedestrian traffic only, after works are completed.

During works, pedestrians will be guided to use existing pathways within Sandringham Gardens, and cyclists will be required to dismount and walk through the pedestrian garden pathways during works. The nearby car park, playground and gardens will remain open during this upgrade.

More information

Rob Egerton

Senior Project Manager

Ph: 03 9599 4357


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