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Recycling check-up

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The war on waste is continuing in Bayside – one recycling bin at time.

Over the next 3 weeks we will taking a quick peek into a sample of blue recycling bins across the municipality to check what’s inside.

We know that environmental sustainability is important to our community. The checks are being conducted to give households quick feedback on their recycling habits and help us to develop education programs to reduce waste to landfill through correct recycling.

Items that shouldn’t go in the blue bin include plastic bags of any kind, garbage, food scraps and polystyrene.

Streets will be selected at random on various days. The checkers will travel just ahead of the recycling trucks before bins are emptied.

We understand that knowing what can and can’t be recycled is sometimes confusing. The checkers will leave a bin swing tag to let you know if your bin contains something that isn’t recyclable – or if it’s all good!

Putting non-recyclable items in your blue bins means the entire contents may have to go to landfill.

Council is aiming to divert 60% of waste from landfill by 2020. This will not only save resources and reduce the impact on the environment but also has a direct benefit to ratepayers via savings on landfill waste charges.

Bin checks are visual only – just a quick lift of the lid and a peek inside. Our bin checkers are employees of Council’s contractor, MRA. Bin checks are confidential, with checkers only looking for non-recyclable items that shouldn’t be in the bin.

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