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Recycling to continue

Thursday, February 1, 2018

With recycling currently in the news, Bayside residents can be assured that our fortnightly recycling collections will continue.

Council’s recycling provider Polytrade has advised that recycling will continue to be accepted for processing.

Council is monitoring the current situation and working with Polytrade to determine any future impacts on Bayside’s recycling services.

We are also working with the State Government to be part of a state wide approach..

Minimising recycling

The recovery of recycling materials is a world-wide issue. Finding new markets and providers for our recycled waste products will be an ongoing challenge.

Unless new solutions can be found, recyclable materials may need to be disposed of at landfill.

Sending recyclables to landfill will lead to increased costs to ratepayers and eliminates the potential for resources to be recovered.

Everyone can play a role in minimising plastic, glass and paper waste by:

  • Buying fewer larger containers rather than more smaller ones
  • Reusing containers where possible
  • Buying the product with the least amount of packaging
  • Composting paper and cardboard by tearing it into smaller pieces, with any plastic stickers removed.

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