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Recycling hits the road

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Sustainable asphalt containing recycled plastic and glass from more than 100,000+ 2L milk bottles and 3.4 million glass bottles is now covering dozens of Bayside streets.

The ‘green roads’ were resurfaced with materials equating to 9,188 wheelie bins of waste glass and plastic, or the annual kerbside recycling for 350 households. 

The maintenance blitz included residential streets throughout the suburbs of Brighton East, Beaumaris, Hampton, and Cheltenham and utilised more than 12,000 tonnes of sustainable asphalt, including an innovative, high performance asphalt product containing recycled materials, including HDPE plastic, glass and RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement).

By going green Bayside has reduced landfill by almost 4,000 tonnes and emissions by more than 21,606 kilograms of CO2.

Bayside Mayor, Cr Michael Heffernan said Bayside was ramping up its use of recycled materials in road construction as part of its pledge to greater environmental sustainability.

“We are committed to becoming more sustainable in every aspect of our operations and ‘green roads’ are a great reflection of this commitment. Our residents can be confident that the recycling in their kerbside recycling bins can have a new life as the roads we drive and ride on,” he said.

The road resurfacing contract was awarded to Alex Fraser.  Alex Fraser, Managing Director, Peter Murphy said this was a standout example of how works in a local community can play an active and important role in the circular economy. 

“Local governments’ role in recycling goes far beyond kerbside collection. Bayside City Council provides an excellent illustration of how local communities can maximise returns from resource recovery. By choosing to invest recycled resources, Bayside has made significant commercial savings and reduced the carbon footprint of their project by around 65 per cent,” said Peter.

Roads resurfaced with recycled materials include:

  • Haywood Street, Beaumaris
  • Michael Street, Beaumaris
  • Cave Street, Beaumaris
  • Rene Street, Beaumaris
  • Church Street, Beaumaris
  • Bickford Court, Beaumaris
  • Hardie Street, Hampton
  • Gordon Street, Hampton
  • Hoyt Street, Hampton
  • Nepean Ave, Hampton
  • Lansdown Street, Hampton
  • Banks Ave, Hampton
  • Wales Street, Hampton
  • Brand Street, Hampton
  • Valerian Street, Hampton
  • Conifer Street, Hampton
  • Bridge Street, Hampton
  • Griffin Street, Brighton East
  • Canberra Grove, Brighton East
  • Wickham Road, Hampton East
  • Chandos Street, Cheltenham