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Reminder Bayside’s clearways changing soon

Thursday, November 19, 2020

A friendly reminder that effective from 1 December 2020, the Department of Transport is changing all arterial road clearways within a 20-kilometre radius of Melbourne’s CBD to tow-away zones.

Bayside clearways that will become tow-away zones are located in the following areas. 

  • St Kilda Street (Beach Road) between Bay Street and Young Street
  • Esplanade (Beach Road) between Young Street and South Road
  • Beach Road between South Road and New Street
  • North Road between Hawthorn Road and Thomas Street

Parking restriction signage will be changed in these locations. Please observe parking signs to avoid a fine or your vehicle being towed.

For more information go to VicRoads website.

Reminder Clearways will become towaways on December 1