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Review of how we manage unused roads, reserves and laneways

Friday 16 September 2022

We’re reviewing our policy that guides whether we should retain and manage unused roads, right of ways and reserves, or discontinue their use and/or sell.

The Discontinuance and Sale of Right of Ways, Roads and Reserves Policy aims to reduce Council’s long term financial and legal liability for land that’s no longer required, such as through formalising ownership and occupation, and generating revenue from selling unused land. This policy also sets out the sale process if Council decides to sell unused roads, right of ways and reserves.

Proposed changes to this policy include: 

  • Retaining land to support environmental objectives, such as expanding adjacent public open space, and increasing vegetation and habitat corridors
  • Enabling a right of way/road to be discontinued if pedestrian access is available via other points or there is only occasional vehicular access, such as trailers
  • Offering a discount on the market value of land if it can’t be reinstated for public use, and where a government body does not own or have interest in the land 
  • A more assertive position regarding illegal occupation of land. 

We’re seeking community feedback on proposed amendments, as well as on the application, land assessment, referral and decision-making processes to ensure they are clear and equitable.

Consultation on the revised policy is open until 19 October 2022.

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