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Safe summer fun

Thursday, January 7, 2021

The number one thing on everyone's mind after being cooped up at home for most of last year is getting out and about. 

Ensure the health and safety of your family and vulnerable people living in our community by following these precautions.

Be COVID safe in the sun. Check conditions before you go, follow current restrictions, stay 1.5m apart and pop some hand sanitiser into you beach bag. If the beach or park looks crowded try a quieter spot.

Swimming Pools

Backyard swimming pools are fun but also the leading cause of accidental death in Australia for children aged under five. Ensure safety barriers and fences are in perfect working order. All pools and spas should now be registered with Council.


Heatwaves are not uncommon in Melbourne. Keep up the fluid, ensure pets are safe with plenty of water, and check on elderly relatives and neighbours. If you need to shop, go early and stay indoors during the hottest part of the day. Never leave a child in a car in any temperature. 


If you come across a snake, leave it alone. If it bites you stay calm, call triple zero (000), apply a pressure immobilisation bandage to the wound and remain still until the ambulance arrives. Do not wash, suck, cut or tourniquet the bite area. Stingrays like to hang out in the bay too. If you are stung, seek medical attention. 

Fire Season

Last summer was another devastating fire season and it can happen anywhere. Keep an eye on the fire danger warning and adhere to all rules.

Happy Travels

If you are travelling this summer season check current border restrictions and make sure you download the VicEmergency app or equivalent interstate. Check local restrictions before you go, follow local social media accounts to stay up to date with alerts and check restrictions while away.


If you're staying in Bayside be sure to follow our social media to stay up to date. 

Long shot of Brighton Beach with Line of colourful beach boxes and palm trees in the background.