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Safety first as schools reopen

Tuesday 19 October 2021


Bayside Crossing Supervisors are returning to our roads as more students go back to school.

Drivers are reminded to be on alert on the approach to our 59 crossings and look out for the 40km/h and 60km/h school speed zones.

Parents, children and drivers will be readjusting to the reopening of schools and the return of many young Baysiders to our streets and busy roads.

While we are excited for a new term of face-to-face learning, parents and carers are urged to think safety and courtesy.

Reacquaint yourself with the parking signs and remind children to listen to the crossing supervisor, cross within the white lines, wait for two whistle blows before entering the crossing and dismount from bikes before crossing.

This week Bayside Crossing Supervisor James welcomed  young students at a Bayside primary school, reintroducing them to the crossing supervisor and the safe way to cross to school.

Parents and teachers can help and strengthen children’s road smarts with a range of free road safety education resources at