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School crossing supervisors happy to be back

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Our school crossings are back in business this week with the return of Bayside students to the classroom.

Friendly School Crossing Supervisors will practice physical distancing at all crossings, with new footpath markings and jacket badges to remind students to stay 1.5m apart. Only crossing supervisors should operate pedestrian lights buttons to ensure good hand hygiene.

Antonino Conti, School Crossing Supervisor at Middle Crescent crossing pictured below said he was delighted to be getting back to the crossing at Firbank Grammar where he has worked for 11 years

Council has been consulting with Bayside schools since the commencement of the school term regarding their requirements for supervised crossings.

As the safety of school students is paramount, we have also consulted with the Department of Transport and undertaken a risk assessment of school crossings.